Nin Time !

2015-04-20 20:19:59 by Ninjic

Wazzup fellazzzz ? I'm back this time with a new style, with some improvements and a better way of mixing all things together (I think...). You'll see that the recent song i've posted are part of an OST I decided to do with a bro, this is just the beginning, the song that are to come are even more juicy and tasty ! Régalez vous XD !

I'd like first to explain some things that i'm sure are unclear for many people : I'm Flanoir (My nickname is Flanoir). I created a character, which is Ninjic the ninja-like sonic that you can see almost everywhere on my pages, that's why the first theme I made is Ninjic's theme.

With that being said, let's list all the new things you can hear from me !

  - Ninjic's Theme
  - Prophecy
  - Teuteuteu (On SoundCloud)
  - Kart Rage (On SoundCloud)
  - Next Tournament (On SoundCloud)
  - Spikes (On SoundCloud)

Hope you like it ! See y'all next time !


EDIT : lol I forgot to mention the kinda old song I recently posted XD Duke's Lair from Return of Double Dragon (OMG I totally zapped it, shame on me)

Up !

2014-11-18 18:37:19 by Ninjic

Wsh people ! It's been way too much time since I produced music or just wandered around on NG (with all the parties and my new laptop not able to resist too many plugins...), I'm starting to get my usual pace again so things should be easier for my music (and for your ears ?).

Actually I'm back with 4 tracks for you fellaz, 2 tests and 2 more in my style... Enjoy !

Infrapurple :

Spring Show :

X5 Big House :

With Fire :

For those of you who speak french : On va dire que mon déménagement a Lille m'a carrément freiné dans la production (rue solfé en est un bon exemple XD),et en ajoutant le fait que la carte son du pc ne supporte même pas quelques plugins et un peu de mixage combinés bah... Mais on continue, et on s'accroche (et on s'améliore ?), et on vous sers du bon Ninstyle !



Music again

2012-11-04 12:46:38 by Ninjic

What's poppin' fellaz ? depuis un ptit bout de temps je cherche des developpeurs de Rpg intéressés par ma musique mais j'arrive pas a grand chose...I'll keep on tryin.

So here's my news, songs in development, Secret songs that you'll never hear (Mouahahaha...) and some that you might actually like, there are 2 of my news ziks, check it out:


Into the Tunnel

Music again

New things, Fresh things

2012-08-04 22:07:18 by Ninjic

hey fellaz, quelques ajustements sur les sons, pour vous faire kiffer encore plus ;) , i've posted some new sounds in the portal, hear them out and tell me what you think about it


Goro's Plan

and a older one that i've fixed, didn't liked the way I finished it so here it is !

Rolling Thunder

don't forget to check my soundcloud page, there are exclusive sounds on it ;)

New things, Fresh things

Ninjic's Time !

2012-05-13 14:05:47 by Ninjic

Heyy fellaz, j'suis Ninjic, j'fais plutot dans l'electro beat, si vous voulez ecouter d'autre types de sons allez sur ma page soundcloud, ici je poste plutot les sons qui sonnent un peu jeu video,
En parlant de jeux videos , mes classiques sont restreints: secret of mana, megaman, sonic 3, return of double dragon et comme tt le monde tekken et street fighter ;)

Anyway let's talk music, if you like my songs, make sure to check my soundcloud page, there's more ;)
if ya want to use some of my songs for anything just let me know and for any question about me or other things don't hesitate to PM me.

Ninjic's Time !