Entry #5

Nin Time !

2015-04-20 20:19:59 by Ninjic

Wazzup fellazzzz ? I'm back this time with a new style, with some improvements and a better way of mixing all things together (I think...). You'll see that the recent song i've posted are part of an OST I decided to do with a bro, this is just the beginning, the song that are to come are even more juicy and tasty ! Régalez vous XD !

I'd like first to explain some things that i'm sure are unclear for many people : I'm Flanoir (My nickname is Flanoir). I created a character, which is Ninjic the ninja-like sonic that you can see almost everywhere on my pages, that's why the first theme I made is Ninjic's theme.

With that being said, let's list all the new things you can hear from me !

  - Ninjic's Theme
  - Prophecy
  - Teuteuteu (On SoundCloud)
  - Kart Rage (On SoundCloud)
  - Next Tournament (On SoundCloud)
  - Spikes (On SoundCloud)

Hope you like it ! See y'all next time !


EDIT : lol I forgot to mention the kinda old song I recently posted XD Duke's Lair from Return of Double Dragon (OMG I totally zapped it, shame on me)


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